Auditing has changed over the years, mainly due to changes in Company legislation; most SME’s do not currently require an audit.

At Shah Kazemi & Co, we understand that our clients sometimes need an audit not because of legislation or shareholder requests, but they see the value of an audit report.

An Audit report can make a major difference on a bank’s lending policy, a potential customer placing an order or even a supplier extending credit terms.

Value Added Audit

We believe an audit should add some value to the business being audited. During the conduct of your audit we deal with the statutory requirements of the audit and then consider many other aspects of the business including performance, information systems and growth opportunities.

Due Diligence

Our audit team is available to undertake due diligence work for our clients once they have found the “target” business that they are looking to acquire. Our team will always work alongside you, your legal advisors and funding partner to ensure the report is prepared in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Specialist Audits

As well as conducting statutory audits, we also undertake work for Solicitors to comply with the SRA’s requirements and charities to comply with the Charity Commission regulations.


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