Are you confident your practice is best placed to deliver best care to your patients? Are you concerned or excited about the changing healthcare landscape?

Opportunity to engage deeper with the National Health Service carries its own operational and strategic demands. The future of private healthcare lies in using information to create more personalised care.

This principle can be extended to the heart of your clinical operations. Using our experience and knowledge we can deliver a Total Management Information System (TMIS) that will transform your operations. As flexible as required our packages financial spine enhances management level decision making by giving you real time and accurate information that can also be coupled with non financial data and key perfomance indicators (KPI) to give you a true picture of activity. This can then increase access, drive up quality and control costs more effectively. As your operation grows so to can your TMIS but increased complexity of operation does not mean increase complexity of use.

Bringing together and unlocking synergies from inter dependant areas of business such as:

Shah Kazemi & Co has broad expertise across many different aspects of healthcare provision, including technology development and delivery and consulting services for secondary healthcare companies, as well as supporting the health sector in the delivery of care.