Increase Shareholder Wealth

Corporate tax planning is must for any business that wishes to be successful. If this is done incorrectly it can affect shareholder wealth.

At Shah Kazemi & Co, we work on the principle that Corporation tax should be calculated so as to maximise shareholder wealth. Using our knowledge of this vast area, we are able to give valuable advice to our corporate clients on the most tax efficient strategies that can be adopted to ensure they make full use of the legislation.

We work with companies prior to their financial year-end and during the audit to identify ways in which corporation tax can be mitigated or deferred. We are also able to ensure that our corporate clients remain compliant with the extentsive reporting requirements and if necessary, assist them with investigations.

Shareholder Directors

We also offer a personal tax service which, when used in conjunction with corporate tax services, will enable us to plan your the optimal tax strategy.

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