“…it has to be recognised that the subject, whether poor and humble or wealthy and noble, has the legal right so to dispose of his capital and income as to attract upon himself the least amount of tax.”
Lord Atkins’ words in the Duke of Westminster’s case 1936

Planning to protect and preserve your wealth is one of the most important things that you will ever do. With the correct planning, the beneficiaries will always be your loved ones and not the ‘Tax Man’.

Here at Shah Kazemi & Co, we believe it is your duty to preserve and protect your hard earned wealth by paying the least amount of inheritance tax on your estate. This planning should not be daunting, difficult or costly and we can enable you to achieve these goals.

We like to keep the planning simple, using the available allowances and Laws. By working alongside professional Will writers and solicitors we can eliminate uncertainties over the administration of your estate.